Aimee & Jim’s Wayzata Country Club Wedding this past October was full of so much love and we were honored to work this amazing couple!


Aimee : “short answer- my best friend Kara (also my Maid of Honor). They both lived in Wisconsin and she used to ump his work softball league. They both happen to move to Minnesota around the same time and would hang out because neither knew many people. Jim would hosted a fun Derby Party at his house and invited Kara, who asked if I could tag along. Jim had a girlfriend at the time, so it was very platonic. Fast forward about 4 years Kara and Jim met for happy hour- Kara asked again if I could tag along- Newly single Jim, and new home owner Aimee. Kara slyly asked Jim about dating me… “nah, too high maintenance” and asked me about Jim… “Nah…too enginerdy” was my reply. As we were drinking, I suggested we move the party to my new house. I had a bad HDMI cable and asked if he knew how to fix it… he did. I hugged him. Something felt really nice about that hug, (we both recall that moment) Kara left my house early because she said we were being weird and freaking her out. Jim asked me on a proper date for that week- came with hot pink roses (important detail later!) and took me to a lovely meal to show me he was serious about this date. We have been inseparable since.


Aimee: “This is one for the books. Most of my married friends have said… “glad I am married first to not have to live up to that” it was a true fairy tale. Jim has been buying me these silly Disney figurines since we started dating. They generally fit what we have going on (beach mickey and Minnie around our vacation etc) However, being not much of a “collector” I had asked him a few times to maybe reduce the amount of figurines. RE: Please stop buying them for me. We had a “staycation” planned and he picked me up on a Friday to go to a near by hotel (or so I thought) A single bud vase with a hot pink rose and a Disney Figurine were my “staycation” gift. Slightly confused I noticed the picture on the side of the box. It was Mickey-kneeling-Proposing to Minnie. I starred at him and he simply said “sit down, this is happening” He had that figurine for ever and waited to give it to me. He then tells me we are going to a private dinner at his house- as we drive- I realize we are not going to his house… Surprise number 2. He rented a lake house to have a private chef cater a meal for us. As we pull up, he exchanged my bud vase for a large empty vase, and said ” you will need this” as I walk in there is my mom and dad, and his mom from Arizona- all holding single pink roses. queue ugly crying. Wait… there is more. I am led downstairs where a small group of our closest family and friends from Wisconsin, Denver and Minneapolis gathered- each holding a pink rose for me. We all stayed at the lake home- had a beautiful private chef prepared dinner. Oh! and he had a surprise engagement party there the next day too where all our friends and family come to celebrate our engagement. He literally thought of everything.

How are your eye’s? A little watery!?!? Reading that one made me tear up and it still does!

When we asked Aimee what her most anticipated moments of the day she was looking for, her answer like many other couples was the first look with Jim & her Dad! ( you may still want your tissue for these shots!)

Aimee: “My first look both with my groom and my dad. The pictures (especially with my dad) are unbelievable and captured every emotion. They are so wonderful, I literally look at them daily. It was exactly how I would have loved them to be. Katrina suggested we do a first look with my girls too- that was one of the most fun surprises for special moments being greeted by my closest friends- those photos are also fabulous.”

Aimee: “We had a saying leading up to the wedding- welcome to our wedding- here is your Kleenex and your Xanex. I was expecting to sob and be elated and full of love. I actually didn’t know how I was going to not ruin my make up.”

Of course, now we want to know…..what made her say YES to the Dress!

Aimee: “I walked out and my “crew” burst into tears. It was a classic A-Line gown very unique with lace and a blush underlay. sparkly (of course) and literally nothing like what I thought I would get for my day. I could dance in it, it was princess like, without being a million layers of tulle.”

Aimee: “Old School Hollywood Glamour. Fur shawls, elegance timeless. We wanted it to be beautiful, elegant, romantic and meaningful. We wanted everyone there to feel our love, share in it and have literally the best time too. We went with the most fabulous sparkly rose gold table clothes- lots and lots of candles, white roses and eucalyptus garlands. Rose Gold, Black and Ivory were our colors.”

As for the rest of the decor, Wayzata Country Club is such a great venue and we love seeing how our couples choose to enhance it with there personality and their own style.

Aimee : “Rose gold Sparkly table clothes was unique touch. We alternated tables with full sparkly table clothes and black floor length with rose gold runners. Lots of Candles- we had hurricanes on each table with Eucalyptus Garland and white roses. Uplighting was key for ambiance. Lovely sweet table displayed our cutting cake with Mickey and Minnie Figurine and Macaroons- and other sweets. We also had many sweet Disney touches, very subtle… such as our gift card box, welcome sign, Table numbers were Lucite with a tiny Mickey and Minnie on the bottom. Just a enough to be special everywhere but not ‘themed” DIY- I spray painted the bottom of the wood table numbers, cut the Eucalyptus. We had a heritage table with wedding photos of our parents, grandparents and other gems. That was DYI.”

I always love seeing what the couples have to say after the wedding is over and planning is done, so I always ask, what advice do you have for other couples planning their wedding? Aimee, I think you and I are two pea’s in a pod after reading your response!!

Aimee: “Best advice I heard, and I am so glad I heeded. We had a lovely dinner Thursday. It was quiet, nothing too fancy, but was my close friend who traveled from London, my maid of honor from Denver, my parents, and my mother in law in town from AZ. We gave small and meaningful gifts to our parents, and it was a perfect and relaxing way to kick off the weekend. It was then I resolved to chill the $&*@ out. Planning did get the best of me, many times. there were tears and hives and screaming. I had to trust that I planned and planned and what was going to go wrong would be fixed or laughed about later, and I was not going to miss my wedding because I was stressed. I resolved to be 100% present and enjoy every moment. Truly let it all go and just be there. It was the time of my life, and I am so glad I let everything else go. Do this. Also If you are reading this blog trying to decide on a photographer… literally look no further.

Aimee & Jim, we truly loved working with you and being chosen to capture your beautiful wedding story! We wish you a lifetime of happiness and while you may have to purchase a curio cabinet for all those figurines Jim buys you, it is about the memories that they create and remind you of the moments of your love story! CHEERS TO YOU BOTH!


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