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Hi!! Some of you may know me only by my email signature and flooding your inbox with all things 220 weddings, but I was just like you 3 months ago ( wow time flies!!) as I said I DO to my forever. We planned our wedding in 40 day’s notice! YUP! 4-0!!! Also, we were out of the country for 10 of those days, so to say things needed to happen and be booked quickly was an understatement!

So believe me when I tell you, I know what your going through! YOU GOT THIS!!!

I knew that dress shopping was going to be a little tough with such a short timeline and while I went to a few shops, I didn’t find what I was envisioning. I wanted something simple, comfortable and while scrolling the good old internet I found Katie May, the bridal gowns were stunning so after a little digging I found her sample site, and saw her Intrigue Gown. Ladies, it was $75.00!!!! YUP, my frugal self was SOLD! With some slight alterations by the wonderful ladies at A Stitch above the Rest, it was perfect!

We chose the Hewing as our getting ready location, we took our fist stay-cation after Nico was born and fell in love with it the moment we walked through the doors and we just knew it would be perfect! Also, their bloody mary’s are amazing come morning 😉 just saying!

If your looking for a great shop for your groom, check out Ace General Store
they have a ton of amazing products!

Michael & I met almost 2 years ago through mutual friends, to say things progressed quickly would be another understatement! ( getting the theme here?!?) From the moment we were introduced we were hooked, we got engaged on December 30th 2017 while on a ski trip with friends in Oregon. Fast forward a month or so, and instead of planning a wedding…..we were planning for a baby! Wedding planning and having a newborn was just a bit overwhelming, so we held off a little while.

The first look is something I always encourage couples to do if they are on the fence about it. I always think the anticipation and reactions of both the Bride and Groom are so raw, and genuine in this moment. As you walk up to your soon to be spouse, you feel giddy, like the first time you were about to go on a date, those emotions come flooding over you and the moment they turn around it’s pure joy! Then that moment when you are about to walk down the aisle I feel like the nerves disappear and it is pure excitement and this radiates through both you and your spouse.

Nico clearly is stealing the show!

Having our little guy along for the ride on our day was perfect, he was such a little ham and was quite the little poser! Another piece of advice that I would extend to couples with kids, make sure to get some fun moments as a family, but the true focus should still be you are your spouse. This is a day that you are taking your commitment to a new level and please do not get me wrong these moments with Nico are something that make my heart melt, and we are both completely obsessed with. However, it was important to us that we made the focus on Michael and I as a couple because it is so easy to loose focus on this, especially with kids, they tend to take top priority.

I was SO nervous to be behind the camera! I feel like I get so awkward the moment the camera comes out, like all of the sudden my face forgets what to do and I either look like an overly animated cartoon character, or I have a resting (you know what) face!! SO….. Murphy & Andrew were warned from the get go, and they were AMAZING at making this SO fun!!! While I obviously knew they were there, it felt like we were all just hanging out joking around and I am so in love with the moments they captured!

If you are still looking for a venue and haven’t checked out Watson Block, do it! Bria was absolutely incredible to work with, she helped us execute our vision with our limited timeline, she dealt with my indecisiveness, and believe me, I tend to be a go with the flow kinda gal but when you are planning a wedding, decisions have to be made and quickly! That is defiantly one of the reasons we did this with 40 days notice, I knew I wouldn’t have time to put it off and procrastinate, or change my mind 50 million times! This venue is located in the warehouse district and from the moment you walk in the doors you just feel the history and we loved the modern flair & just the overall vibe of the space as a whole. Bonus, this venue itself is so pretty by itself that not much needs to be added! All the furniture and decor that you see is ALL included!! UM, YES PLEASE!! We just added some floral & greenery to the tables along with gold accents and candles to just add a some added ambiance.

I was most nervous about the vows, Michael and I decided to write our own so for me not only was the pressure on to find the perfect words but to say them in front of 100 people, made me sweat just thinking about it! I am a very outgoing person, but speaking in public is NOT something I am comfortable with! Needless to say, I began to read the words on the page, then about 3 sentences in, threw the paper and went off the cuff! I may have snorted, swore & maybe said the word snot bubble…YUP you read that right, s-n-o-t b-u-b-b-l-e!!! But, it was real, raw and completely us!

I am sure you hear it all the time, your wedding day will fly by, make sure to live in the moment. The reason you hear this….is because IT’S TRUE!! All the time you spend planning, talking with vendors, researching, pinning, all of what feels like a full time job is over in an instant. So to all the couples out there planning their big days, no matter where you are in the process, my one piece of advice…..DO YOU!

Michael & I are never shy when it comes to whipping out some sweet dance moves and let me tell you Harmony DJ Entertainment killed it!!! Josh was absolutely amazing to work with and kept the party going all night! If you are looking for a DJ, look no further as they are an amazing company to work with and Josh’s love for weddings and his clients is something that is so rare and is truly reflected in all they do!

Did I mention how FUN the 220 Family is!?!?!

I love weddings and all they represent, but I also know the stress, emotions, and time that goes into planning, just make sure that at the end of the day it truly is a reflection of you and your soon to be spouse. It is a day that should be filled with laughs, tears ( happy of course!) and lot’s & LOT’S of FUN!!

This day was truly one that I will cherish and relive a million times over!!

Vendors || Studio 220 Photographer: Murphy & Andrew | Venue: Watson Block |DJ: Harmony DJ Entertainment| Hair & Make-up: La Grande Salon| Wedding Gown: Katie May


The forecast was calling for rain(and possibly SNOW gotta love MN right), for Kate & Liam’s spring wedding ceremony held at The Basilica of St. Mary’s with reception at Semple Mansion. Luckily the day turned out to be nothing as the forecast called for, the sun came out and the day was simply perfect! With the combination of white, green, and gold, accents throughout in their decor it highlighted the beauty of their venues Semple Mansion for reception and Basilica of Saint Mary for ceremony. Kate also designed and made the seating chart along with the welcome sign and the signature drinks chalk board herself!

We of course always love hearing about every brides planning process and what made them say YES to the dress 🙂 We asked Kate how did you choose your wedding day look?

Kate: I always envisioned a long sleeve dress with a lot of lace, but when I tried on the dress that I ended up saying Yes to, it was short sleeved, no lace and very simple, clean A-line skirt. Although it wasn’t anything I first imagined, I fell in love with the dress. It was actually the very first one I tried on. I tried on several after it, but ended up going back to the very first one.

You can just see the love and joy that was filling this room as Kate was getting ready at The Semple Mansion.

We asked Kate & Liam what was your most anticipated or special moment of the wedding day you were most looking forward to?

Kate: our most anticipated moment was seeing each other for the first time that day as the church doors opened.

Were your emotions during that moment what you were expecting?!

Kate: I didn’t really know how I would react at that moment because so many emotions are running through you. As soon as the doors opened though and I saw Liam down the aisle, I relaxed and just tried to be present in the moment.

Now that the day has come and gone what advice do you have for couples planning their weddings? (maybe something you wish you would have done, or not done!?)

Kate: Spreadsheets are your friends! Make a budget and get as detailed as possible. In the end, it’s all the random small costs that add up to a lot, so make sure you build in enough room for those extra costs. Also, do as much as you can early on so that you’re not stressing yourself out the month before the wedding and can actually enjoy the last few weeks of that engaged life!

Congratulations Kate & Liam, we wish you both a lifetime of happiness!!

Vendors || Studio 220 Photographer: Bree & Nicole | Ceremony Venue: The Basilica of Saint Mary | Reception Venue: Semple Mansion |Florist: Aneta’s European Florala | Hair & Make-up: Spa Beauty Agency| Wedding Gown: Bridal Accents Couture


With their fun atmosphere, delicious beer, and dog friendly atmosphere Lakes and Legends was a no brainer for Katie, Gil & of course show stealer Buzz. With Loring park around the corner it was an absolutely perfect spot for this spring evening engagement shoot!


Gil proposed on our 4 year anniversary while walking into Fair State Coop Brewery. He had hidden the ring in our dog Buzz’s collar and asked me to fix it. When I stopped down to fix Buzz’s collar that’s when Gil proposed and showed me the ring!

Katie & Gil are in the midst of planning their wedding at The Graduate hotel this coming fall. So of course we wanted to know some details and see how things were going!

How is Wedding Planning going!? What causes the most stress?

Katie: Wedding planning is going smoothly. The most stressful portion so far have been all the questions from friends and family about the plans and how they can help! (I’m terrible at delegating because I would rather do it all myself)

We can totally relate right!! I have a feeling this is how a lot of brides feel!!!! 🙂

How did you hear about Studio 220 and choose Lynsey as your specific photographer?

Katie: Studio 220 was recommended to us by friends and family! I was drawn to Lynsey for her photography style and how her personality and zest for life comes through her clients and her work!

Of course, we know finding and deciding on a venue can be difficult, what made you choose The Graduate Hotel?

Katie: We loved the location of Graduate Minneapolis, the all inclusive feel, and the decor of the whole place! We are able to create a destination wedding vibe by having many of our events happening at the hotel and many of our friends and family are staying there as well.

What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day?

Katie: Being with friends and family who love us both! As well as partying all night with my husband!

What are you are you looking forward to after the wedding?

Katie: Starting the next phase of our lives together! We plan to continue doing a lot of renovations to our house and hopefully growing our family with kids!

Any advice, or words of wisdom for other couples planning their wedding?

Katie: Just stay focused on the real reason for the stress: your happily ever after with the person you love the most!

We couldn’t be more excited for their wedding and of course to share their wedding photos!!


Boom Island was the perfect backdrop for Carly & Noah’s engagement session. They live just across the river and as avid biker’s & runners they have definitely shared many of miles along this route!

Carly & Noah met through the University of Minnesota Cycling team, each of course having slightly different versions of their how they met story but one thing was apparent, a mustache was definitely present! 😉

The Proposal…..

It was day 7 of our first trip to Europe as a couple. We had enjoyed venturing through Belgium, Germany, and now Amsterdam. We’d had enough walking, so we fell back on our favorite pastime: bikes! That morning, we set off to rent touring bikes with a destination in mind thanks to a suggestion from a British cyclist we met the day before. We knew we were headed to Marken Island, northeast of Amsterdam, but neither of us knew how beautiful the route and town would be. And only one of us knew about the ring that was stashed carefully in our bag. A strong tailwind guided us out to the island and the sun was shining. Once we arrived in town, we stopped at the market for picnic supplies and Noah made sure we got Prosecco. To Carly, it felt like just another great day of the trip but Noah knew he had to find the perfect spot for the proposal. Finally, we found a secluded bench along the coastline, sheltered from the wind. We ate a full lunch, with stroop-waffles for dessert, and then Noah suggested we take a few photos. Carly was eager to jump at the offer and was quickly upside-down requesting handstand pics. Noah told Carly to face away from the camera for a photo, and he scrambled to get the ring out of his pocket while her back was to him. When she turned around, he was on one knee. We were both stunned. There were 3 seconds of silence before Noah remembered he was supposed to say something. He blurted out, “Will you marry me?” and rather than responding, Carly broke out in happy tears. When she regained some composure, it was a resounding “YES!”.

Carly & Noah are in the midst of planning their wedding at Theodore Wirth Park this coming fall. So of course we wanted to know some details and see how things were going!

How is wedding planning going? What causes the most stress?

Carly: It’s going alright! I think striking the right balance with the size of the guest list causes the most stress.

How did you hear about Studio 220 and choose Aaron as your specific photographer?

Carly: A trusted co-worker and mentor of mine recommended Studio 220. Aaron’s portfolio stood out as having a classic but modern style. His photos really caught our eye with a certain timeless crispness that could only be brought out with good direction and an eye for the right candid moments.

Of course, we know finding and deciding on a venue can be difficult, what made you choose Theodore Wirth Park?

Carly: We bike and nordic ski the park and have logged many hours training for races together in the beautiful surrounding woods. It perfectly matched our “Modern Nature” wedding theme.

What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day?

Carly: I am looking forward to everything: getting ready, putting on my dress, the vibes among my family and close friends, our first look, THE OUTDOOR CEREMONY, the experience together right after, speeches, dancing, and being surrounded by a lot of love.

What are you are you looking forward to after the wedding?

Carly: A family brunch the next morning and jetting off to Mallorca, Spain for a cycling + beach vacation Honeymoon.

Any advice, or words of wisdom for other couples planning their wedding?

Carly: Enjoy the process! Each decision is an experience and it’s a good chance to lean on each other and always put compromise and genuine understanding of one another above all else.

We couldn’t be more excited for their wedding and of course to share their wedding photo’s!

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