As a neighbor, mom of 3 boys, and female entrepreneur my girl Jenny Shawgo holds a special place in my heart. She’s been on the friend list for years but since moving to her neck of the woods she’s become one of my favorite go to’s for a good laugh, a much needed cry and ever for a glass of rosé!

Each year at ice out this crazy clan subjects themselves to their very own polar plunge on their Lake Minnewashta beach. However, 2019 will go down in the record books… all FIVE Shawgos took the plunge (even mom who is usually on cheer and towel duty)!

Before we got suited up we spent a few minutes capturing family photos and I absolutely love how these photos capture the spirit of this family. This tribe is all about family, fun and friends. Can’t you see why?

Jenny is a managing director for Beauty Counter. She’s my go-to skincare dealer and is ever working to educate me on health and wellness. I’ll be honest, I’m quite the project! Like my husband, Tim, Tom work in sales for Salesforce as a Strategic Account Manager . Needless to say we adore everything about this family and have way too much in common with them.

The Shawgo Family

Meet the boys: Tucker (12), Tyler (10), and Beckett (7). You can find them in one of two places at all times; the hockey rink or the lake depending on the month! Despite their unique personalities and individual strengths you can see their tight brother bond. There’s always lots of love shared amongst theses three.

Now on to the fun stuff! If you haven’t ever dived into a recently thawed lake just for the fun of it I don’t recommend it!!! I kid. Actually, no… it’s actually really unenjoyable!!! But if you’re brave, love yourself a great tradition and don’t care about personal comfort this is for you.

Picnic in the snow? Why not!
Can you find Tom in the last photo?

My giant thanks to the Shawgos for letting me play with you your clan. I love these photos and LOVE you!

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