Different by Design

What makes Studio 220 different and unique isn’t necessarily just one thing, rather a combination of things. It’s the story of our founding, the reason our company exists and the mission that drives our company today, and our relentless focus on delivering exceptional experiences for our clients. We firmly believe that Studio 220 is unique in the market, and that we are “different by design” from every other photographer and/or photography studio in the area. And while there are many intangibles to the Studio 220 difference, we’ve tried to identify a few of the most important elements of this claim…

Most people are not experts at hiring a photographer, so we believe it’s very important that the services and pricing are very clear, not only in the marketing but also in the contract or booking agreement. We provide this clarity.

The majority of the photographers in the industry are sole proprietors / single operators. That’s not a bad thing, but the challenge is that they are the ONLY ones available to shoot your event. If they get sick, or in an accident, you might just be out of luck, because they can’t offer you a suitable emergency plan. With Studio 220, we Always have one of our Lead photographers on call every day that we have events booked. You have the peace of mind knowing that even in an emergency, Studio 220 will have you covered with a photographer that meets the high quality talent and equipment requirements that you have contracted for and expect.

Unlike many photographers, we don’t hold your images hostage. With all of our services, weddings, portraits, and photobooth, We provide clear detail in our agreements where you will have the high resolution images and image use rights. There is no “catch”. You will receive the images and usage rights release form approximately 3 to 4 weeks after your event or session, even if you never buy a printed product or album from our studio.

We are proud to be one of the most highly referred photographers in the area. Event sites, event planners, and past clients alike, have all helped our business grow tremendously through their honest and positive feedback and referrals. Additionally, we have received TheKnot.com “Best-Of” Wedding Photographer Award for the past 7 consecutive years, have been inducted into TheKnot.com “Best-Of” Hall Of Fame, Nominated for MN Bride “Best-Of”, ILEA STAR Award for best Photography, and Best-Of Minneapolis Wedding Photographer Award.

At Studio 220, we only work with the best local talent and we have one “level” of photographers. You can call them whatever you’d like, Preferred, Premier, etc… but we call them Awesome. We have no “tiers” and we don’t ask our clients to settle for less than the best. Since our founding we have received nearly 1000 resumes from local photographers that want to work with our studio. We have a rigorous interview process, and only after going through a very rigorous, multiple interview and portfolio review process are we comfortable enough to make the decision to hire a photographer to represent our studio that we know with confidence will deliver service beyond our clients’ expectations.

When you work with Studio 220, you know you will be getting the highest quality service and products. We are fortunate to staff some of the most talented wedding photographers in the area that are true experts at their craft. You can have confidence knowing that our Color Specialists will hand select and individually apply the best color correction techniques to all of your final images, ensuring the very best image quality. We work with two of the best photo labs and album production partners in the country, so you can be confident that you’re getting the highest quality printed products if you order from our Studio.

When it comes to your wedding, great service should be imperative, and you will find that Studio 220 is top notch. This is an actual business in a real studio, not a hobby business, and we operate the way that any customer would expect a real business to run. Our studio is conveniently located in Loring Park, right in the center of the Twin Cities metro area. We have someone in the studio on weekdays during regular office hours and with evening hours as well. We are very available and very responsive. We meet our commitments to our clients, and we have a hierarchy of accountability (Photographer, Assistant Studio Manager, Studio Manager, Studio Owner). These levels of accountability really help ensure that our clients receive the level of service they expect and deserve.

Described as the relationship between cost (price) and benefit (quality & quantity). We are a high value studio, giving our clients the highest levels of service & quality imagery, and doing so at a very reasonable price. We are committed to Always offering a great package with sufficient time & image usage rights at an affordable price that is reflective of the market economics. You know you’re delivering tremendous value when your clients are telling you that they were initially amazed at your great price, and then even more amazed at the quality of your service and images!

At the heart of everything we do is our mission “to create exceptional experiences beyond expectations for our clients, photographers, and industry vendors/partners.” We keep the customer first, and focus on people over profit. This has resulted not only in tremendous growth for the studio, but most importantly in tremendously happy clients who refer Studio 220 again and again!

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