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Both having previous experience in the special events and photography industries, Tim and Sally founded Studio 220 Photography in 2008 after recognizing a significant need for a studio that truly delivered value to brides and grooms, offering both high quality photography and affordable prices.

Tim serves as the Chief Customer Advocate and Director of Marketing & Finance. He is responsible for making sure that Studio 220 always stays true to it's core mission, by serving clients with an affordable and high quality service offering.

Sally serves as the Director of Talent & Quality. 15+ years of dedication to mastering cameras, lenses, lighting and software have given Sally one of the best reputations in the wedding photography scene. Her experience shooting and reviewing hundreds and hundreds of weddings has also given her one of the best eyes for talent in the business. She's an excellent coach and mentor, and accepts nothing less than excellence for our clients.

With more than 25 years of industry experience between them, Tim and Sally know what kind of people, process and technology it takes to run a great studio. Their intimate knowledge of the industry is second to none, and their commitment to clients satisfaction is unrivaled, and because of this Studio 220 continues to produce amazing images and experiences for their clients.

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